I have got my new home

I have got my new home

After non-stop looking for houses every Saturday ( no time to do it during weekdays 🙁 ), I have finally got a new apartment to live in with my wife. I have been waiting for this moment since a few months ago. Thank god I get it before Christmas and weather is getting hotter.

I am getting quite sick by living in the current place. There are too many people live there. The room gets really hot during summer. It gets hot very slow, and releases hot very slow as well. So during the hot day, my room will be cooler, but when I finish work and at night, the room gets really hot and very hard for me to sleep.

The new apartment is not far away from my current place, and it is very close to Oakleigh shopping center, station and Chadstone shopping center. It is a very nice 2 bedroom apartment. Hopefully I will enjoy living there.


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