Free DNS Service from

Free DNS Service from

As you might know from my previous posts, I have just started a new VPS from Hostmist, however, they don’t give DNS service like VPSLand used to give me. In order to make it work for my domains, I will need to install DNS server on my VPS myself and I will also need to purchase the additional IP for it.

My system admin colleague from Effective Measure suggested me to use zoneedit, a free DNS service from a Canadian company ( well, the first 5 domains free as claimed on their site). However, I have submitted requests for 3 times and emailed once to their sales team, no replies since and it’s been more than a week. So I gave up and start googling myself.

There are a couple of companies provide the same service, like and, but they are not free even for personal use. Finally I have found a totally free service from freedns by Joshua Anderson. The signup is quick and interface is easy to use. I can setup my domain in less than 10 mins and now it is fully working.

One last thing I will need to do is to add a link on my site to freedns to give credit to this guy for his excellent work. Thanks Joshua.


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