PHPStorm 5.0 – PHP Coding at Its Finest

PHPStorm 5.0 – PHP Coding at Its Finest

JetBrains has released its most up-to-date PHPStorm version 5.0 recently, key new features includes:

  1. Improved variable type detection
  2. Transparently recognises PHAR-packaged code
  3. Shows more potential flaws in editor (example: conversion to string for objects without __toString() method)
  4. New MVC view for Symfony2 and Yii frameworks
  5. Build-in Symfony2 compliant code formatting
  6. Coding standard check with Symfony2
  7. Database supports:
  • Live database schema refactoring (rename table/column, drop table/column, new table/column + DDL export)
  • Generation of schema migration scripts
  • Export query result to file or clipboard as CSV, TSV, HTML, SQL INSERTs, or SQL UPDATEs
  • Editing of stored procedures
  • Improved SQL completion, and other enhancements

I won’t be beneficial from all the new features but it is certainly worth the upgrade.

Visit what’s new on JetBrains website for more details.

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