iiNet Monthly Quota Upgrade

iiNet Monthly Quota Upgrade

Got an email from iiNet yesterday to remind me that they are upgrading most of broadband plans for all of iiNet customers. I am with iiNet Naked DSL since February for Home3 plan with 30G + 30G monthly quota. The experience has been really frustrating because the quota is counting both uploads and downloads and in the end you probably only use about 60% of peak 30G monthly data for downloading and rest of them are taken by uploads.

The new upgrade will give extra 20G for both peak and off peak quotas for Home3, meaning we now are getting 50G + 50G monthly quota, which is really good news. See reports from itNews.

I have seen TPG kept increasing their monthly plan for $49.95/m from around 80G to 180G in a few months and I have been waiting for iiNet to increase their quota for the long time ( I have been with iiNet since 3 years ago ). I was thinking of switching from iiNet to TPG in the last few weeks because of the frustrating experience with the new Naked DSL I mentioned above. With the new plan upgrade, I guess I will stick with iiNet for a while.


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