Cloudera Community Contribution Recognition

Cloudera Community Contribution Recognition

Over the past few months, I have become more active in contributing on the Cloudera Community platform, to help the community members resolving their questions and problems. This contribution has been recognized by our leadership and I was awarded Cloudera Community Impact Award: Leader (Top) – Most Improved Supporter in the last quarter.

Below was the Nov stats, which I contributed 7 solutions to the community, ranked number 2 within the Cloudera Employees and number 4 within the whole community.

Below was the stat for the Oct stat, which I also ranked number 2 within Cloudera Employees and number 3 within the whole community.

Below was the award that was given from our Support Organization within Cloudera.

Cloudera Community Impact Award

I was thrilled that my contribution was recognized and awarded. This gives me more energy to continue the hard work and help within the Cloudera Community.



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